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There are three categories of boxing shoes that I classify before we start. This is just my own categorization not an official set of types by any means, but for allowing you to make a decision as to which type of boxing shoe should buy, and how much you’ll anticipate to pay, it’s a practical reference.

Beginner/Intermediate Boxing Shoes:

All these would be complete beginners the boxing shoes that are perfect for fighters that are casual, or intermediate fighters who just need a second pair of shoes for non-sparring training. For most people looking for their very first pair of boxing shoes, all these would be the shoes you’ll probably look at. You can expect to cover about $30 to $70 for one of these. While these shoes are appropriate for everyday use, general training, don’t expect support the durability, or attributes you get in a boxing shoe that is more costly. I advocate these as entry level boxing shoes or starter boxing shoes.

We Recommend These:

Pro Level Boxing Shoes:

IF you are an intermediate or advanced fighter looking to do some difficult sparring or you need shoes to fight in, then you’ll want to have a look at the more performance-based boxing shoes which have better support, are much more durable and so are employed by pro combatants on a regular basis. All these are also the shoe you should be looking at in case you want a second pair of boxing shoes OR you are seeking to upgrade your current basic pair.

All these are substantially better shoes in every manner to the basic entry level boxing shoes, but you’ll pay about $120-$200 for these. As you won’t locate them at the local sports shop, you’ll additionally have to buy them online. Pro degree boxing shoes are usually mid top or high top boots because of the extra support offered.

Specialty Boxing Shoes:

Finally, there are specialty boxing shoes that service particular needs. Ultralight boxing shoes, low cut boxing shoes, boxing shoes suited to wide feet, hybrid vehicle shoes (wrestling shoes you could swap in for boxing), MMA boxing shoes and so on. You can easily use several shoes for general training sparring but this really depends on the person and what you have to have in a shoe. Once you’ve used your basic boxing shoe for a time, all these are advocated as a secondary boxing shoe to purchase. You may find you need something in a particular way and that’s where specialty boxing shoes come in.