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Best Boxing & Wrestling Shoe Buying Guide

Whether your buying boxing or wrestling shoes for the first time, or your a pro at this, we can help you find that perfect boxing or wrestling shoe that you want!

We look at everything from the weight, to how comfortable it is, how well it fits, to the look of it, if it’s chic, to how well you can move around in the shoe, you name it were looking at it.

We gather reviews from Giants like, Amazon reviews, our own reviews, and our readers reviews, we have you covered.

Rest assure, what we say is what everyone is saying! Big time! Have a look at our reviews.

What is your budget?

The first thing most of us consider when making a purchase is our budget. What can you get for your money? We are not all rich for sure! So let’s look into this.

Budget Boxing or Wrestling Shoes

The cost of boxing or wrestling shoe have went down in recent years. Thanks to the popularity of the sport and the many companies trying to compete in the market. Competition always drives down the price, gotta love capitalism!

TITLE Enrage Mid Boxing Shoes

These boxing shoes are for the person with a budget in mind but still wants a quality shoe. The stunning ultra-light engineered dazzle upper delivers incredible performance with impeccable style and winning results. Precision integrated micro-mesh insets accent in amazing brilliance. Full-length lace-tie front, with nylon-mesh air release tongue, keeps shoes snug, secure and comfortable during battle. Added front zipper closure covers laces with grandeur and class for the most advanced boxing shoes available. Polyurethane rubber soles are crafted for quick and speedy footwork while providing intense pivots and traction. Titles Enrage Mid Boxing Shoes full length double lasted mid-sole helps provide lower center of gravity and foot control.

Adidas Response 3.1

Hey guys, lets just say that we heard from our reviews that these wrestling shoes are very good for grip! They are lightweight and if you want to pick that speed up and take down the other person, these are some crazy good shoes for that. Awesome grip, very lightweight.

Adidas has upgraded the Response wrestling shoe with the same Double Flex outsole from the adiZERO Sydney! 3D Mesh upper construction made with sweat-wicking materials for optimal CLIMACOOL ventilation, superior breathability and comfort. Elasticized lace cover system.

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Low to Mid-Priced Boxing & Wrestling Shoes

If you spend a little more, you can get things like more support for your ankles, or better quality material, better fitting.

For a roundup of quality boxing & Wrestling shoes that you will sure to appreciate , take a look at the What are the best shoes for boxing or The Best Wrestling Shoes For Comfort

A great boxing shoe that falls into this category is the

Asics JB Elite 3

The JB Elite III is made with split sole design and they provide excellent comfort and breathability.

We also noticed that the JB Elite III uses seamless materials that reduce the potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.

Something we are finding with most of the new wrestling shoes is that they come with a pocket enabling the laces to be tucked in and unexposed. This is great and stops those pauses on the mat to tie your shoe over and over again and increases the overall comfort because you don’t have to have that annoying shoe lace tucked in your shoe.

So many people love the comfort of this shoe we had to put it in our top 3 wrestling shoes for comfort.

Reebok Boxing Boot

Get a great comfort that you never had before with the Reebok Boxing Boot. It provides you the comfort that other Boxing Boots don’t provide.

It has also been worn by the great MMA fighter Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Now you know How great these Reebok Boxing Boots are. It has a synthetic nubuck upper for comfort. For the underfoot cushion, there is EVA midsole and has a Mid-cut design for ankle stability.

Have an experience and comfort with the Rebook Boxing Boot that you never had before. These boots have a tremendous amount of Ankle support. After you lace them tight, you can add more stability with the ankle strap which makes the boots give you the comfort, the mobility, the speed, the everything that you need to have a perfect start to your workout. To whatever you want to do with these boots on. And these are really comfortable, you can tell just by looking at them.

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The Best Boxing Shoes For Women

Over the past few months we have been testing a wide range of boxing shoes. One of the things that we focused on was finding a great boxing shoe for a woman. There are some sweet men’s boxing shoes out there that do look good on a woman, but we wanted to focus more on a boxing shoe that was made for a woman in mind. So we came up with the Puma Eskiva collection.

Puma Eskiva Hi

Knock ’em out with the fearless Eskiva High Metallic from Puma®. Lets take a look at the uppers. Like it’s predecessor’s, these legendary shoes are made with premium leather uppers. Something we loved about this shoe was the 10 eyelet lace-up closure for total adjustability. Don’t worry about having a hard time putting these shoes on, no worry, they have a heel tab for pull-on assist. Thinking about the comfort, so were we. The Eskiva Hi’s have plush leather lining and cushioned footbed. We looked at the weight and all thought that they were very light and we were impressed with the  flexible rubber outsole. We found that women said that they remind them of the old school boxer sneakers and love the way they look with a feminine outfit.

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Best Boxing & Wrestling Shoes For Flat Feet

We are going to take a look at what the best boxing and wrestling shoes are for flat feet for 2018. Not every foot is the same and people with flat feet just can’t seem to find the right shoe. So let us dive into this now.

First and foremost you want a boxing or wrestling shoe that is springy and supportive. Lack of support will cause lower back pain and also bad joints.

You want to first figure out what arch your foot is. This will help determine how flat your foot really is. Below is a video that can help you figure this out using the water test.

Lets take a look at the the best wrestling and boxing shoes for flat feet.


  • Thin, flexible and durable outsole with a lot of grip.
  • Ergonomic insole with superior cushion and arch support.
  • High top profile giving a great support.

These are our top pick for flat feet. As we mentioned, one of the most important thing for flat feet is the arch support. These boxing shoes have the best arch support we found out there today. You will notice right off the bat how these will make your feet feel. The thin outsole is another thing that is going to make your flat feet feel good again!

Lets take a look at the best wrestling shoes for flat feet.

With everything said about boxing shoes and how good arch support is what you need to look for for flat feet , the same rule applies with wrestling shoes. Let’s dive right into the best 3 wrestling shoes for flat feet.

1. Adidas Men’s Pretereo III

These shoes are great for ankle support and comfort. They are also very good for people with wide feet ( flat feet as well) according to our reviews.

Reinforced ankle zone + supportive heel structure ensures added protection and support.

Give these a try if you have flat feet you should be impressed with the feel.

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How Do I Get The Right Size Boxing Shoes

This is a guide for women and men on how to size boxing shoes.

*We called or emailed every major brand and asked them directly how to size

So you are ready to get your next pair of boxing shoes but are not really sure what size you should get? You may hear some people say go up one size, or down a size. There are so many opinions out there who is to know who to listen to? The answer really depends on the brand of shoe and the person buying them. Let us explain a little more about how to pick the right size boxing shoe or boxing boot.

First thing to do is to measure your foot. Our feet often swell during the day due to heat and activity. For the best fit, measure your feet at the end of the day.

Sizing  by Brand: Every brand is not created equal. So we decided to call all the name brands and get the true answers from the horses mouth. They went as far as to measure the shoes while on the phone. Thanks Cleto Reyes, cool customer service!

Note: “True to size” means if your everyday shoe is a size 8, then you would buy a size 8 in that boxing shoe .

Adidas Boxing Shoes & Lifting Shoes:

They run true to size for both men and women. They come in sizes 4 to 14 1/2. They do come in half sizes.

Men- True to size

Women- True to size for women shoes. If its a mans boxing shoe, which most of them are, if it isn’t it will specifically tell you it’s a woman’s, go for a size and a half lower. So for example if you are a size 7 1/2 women, go for a size 6 in men.

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