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Hey there, how are you, thank you for checking us out. Why listen to what we have to say and thats a great question!

Here is why… We have been in the fighting business since like I can remember. All my family members have been in boxing and we know many boxers first hand. We know what we are talking about! We are not a niche site trying to make a buck, we LOVE and BREATH BOXING 24/7 365 POINT BLANK!

We also love wrestling! We have many contributors who test for us and they no a thing or 2 about wrestling. A good friend to Best Boxing Shoes is Mike Sandelier. He is a NJ State Champ and part of the  NJ Hall of Fame and knows a thing or 2 about wrestling shoes.

What we do, we review these companies, research them, and then come back to you and tell you what we found, this is based off of our own experience, what we find on the internet with peoples reviews from amazon, ebay, tons of other boxing forums, etc etc, this is what we love and what we do and from the streets and our own testers! Check out our reviews on guide on the THREE BASIC TYPES OF BOXING SHOES TO CONTEMPLATE and see for yourself how we conduct our reviews.

Listen here, we REALLY don’t care about these companies , we don’t ,  they are not paying us anything except what amazon gives us in commission which has nothing to do with these companies themselves, which we have to say is like pennies if you click on one of the links to buy something from amazon, and we thank you for doing it that way, we really really do. It does keep the website up and we love what we do because we also love boxing and we want to help YOU as much as we can because we love the sport as much as you do.  We really hope that our reviews help you on picking the right gear, if you have any questions, please, email us, or comment, we can help or maybe someone else who reads your comments can help as well!  GO GET EM!