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Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed

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The 5 Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed For 2021 [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS] 1. Venum Elite Fits as expected (88%) Summary Feature: Tri-material: Glossy PU Patent, PU Flex, Mesh Honeycomb. Rubber outsole: increased grip, durability, and stability. Optimized comfort with an anatomical designed insole. Bonded insole to prevent slipping. IMPORTANT: fit will be a half size larger than standard US sizing. […]


Asics Wrestling Shoes

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Over the past few months we have been testing a wide range of wrestling shoes. One of the things that we focused on was comfort. We all know to well that an uncomfortable wrestling shoe can make or break a match. So we put out to find the best comfortable wrestling shoe. The Asics JB […]

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Nike Boxing Shoes

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The Best Nike Boxing Shoes For Summer of 2021 1. NIKE Men’s Machomai Mid Boxing Shoes US   2. MEN MID BOXING SHOE NIKE VARSITY RED WHITE     3. Nike Men’s KO Mid Boxing Shoes 4. NIKE HyperKO Boxing Shoes   Picking the Right Shoe Guide Pete here for so today we’re gonna […]

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Wrestling Shoes Asics

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The Best Asics Wrestling Shoes for 2021 1. ASICS Men’s Omniflex-Attack V2.0 Wrestling Shoe   2. ASICS Men’s Omniflex-Attack Wrestling Shoe   3. ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe   4. ASICS Men’s Cael V6.0 Wrestling Shoe   5. ASICS Men’s Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe   6. ASICS Men’s Dan Gable Ultimate 3 Wrestling […]


Shadow Boxing Workout

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Shadow Boxing Workout 2020 Style Alright so in this article we’re gonna go over a beginner shadowboxing basically when you’re out there shadowboxing and you don’t have a reference point you have inspired you haven’t had any fights yet often people are not sure what to do and in their own words what I often […]

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How To Tie Boxing Shoes

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Guide For How To Tie Boxing Shoes Hello and welcome to this guide , how to tie boxing shoes. It may seem like a no brainer for some, but for others who may be new to the sport or who just want to make sure they are doing it right, you came to the right […]