Defensive Techniques for Boxing

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Defensive Techniques for Boxing

Boxing, just like any other sport, is a famous sport around the World. People aspire to be a Boxer since a young age and want to be a great Boxer. You have to notice and take care of minute details while you are practicing or training because Boxing is no piece of pie. You have to suffer in order to be a great Boxer. Let us show some of the Defensive Techniques in Boxing-

  1. Going Away- Going away can be termed as the best and the easiest defensive technique. You ran away from your opponent, Hence keeping you away from his/her’s strikes. It is the best because It avoids everything and anything but there is a downfall to Going away and that is that you will have to put a lot of effort in order to counter attack, once you have chosen to defend like this. It’s not easy to come back for a counter attack.
  2. Going Around- Another Defensive Technique, just like the Going away involves the Footwork, this one involves Footwork too. You move round and round of your opponent making sure that you don’t give him/her a chance to strike first. Once you are good to go and have the strength accumulated, you can them have the first strike. Moving around too creates great angles for striking. But It’s hard to punch while you are moving and energy is one of the main factors in Boxing, uses some of the Energy when you are moving or going around.

iii. Blocking- Blocking is the basic defensive technique. You have to cover your vulnerable places, try not to get a punch and then strike out when the get the chance after you have blocked a punch.

  1. Parrying- Parrying is a defensive technique too. It’s like you are diverging the opponents punch with your hand. The Parry is the greatest way to wear about your opponent’s momentum against him/her.
  2. Slipping- Slipping is the most effective defensive technique. It involves moving your body to one side, usually by going outside of the incoming punch. It’s the most effective because your opponents miss the chance to hit and are most vulnerable in those microseconds when he misses and so you are completely free to counter or escape.

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