How To Tie Boxing Shoes

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Guide For How To Tie Boxing Shoes

Hello and welcome to this guide , how to tie boxing shoes. It may seem like a no brainer for some, but for others who may be new to the sport or who just want to make sure they are doing it right, you came to the right place. So lets get started. We will be using the Lonsdale Cyclone as an example for this demonstration.

First thing to is to loosen the laces one by one until you get to about the middle of the shoe. After that we are going to slip the shoe on, it may seem a little hard at first specially when they are brand new because they will fit snug as they should anyway.

So now that we slipped the shoe on we want to make sure that we pulled the tongue of the boxing shoe up . Now what you want to do is go hole by hole where we loosened up all the laces, remember this was from the middle of the boxing shoe where we first started. So , go ahead and do one at a time, making sure you pull the laces nice and snug as you move from the middle of your boxing shoe to the top of the shoe. Make sure you take your time with this because this is where you will get a lot of the intended glove like fit that you wanted to to begin with when you bought your boxing shoes.

A lot of people and we seen this before, think that tying a boxing shoe is very trivial and it’s the same as tying up your normal running shoes. But they could not be more wrong. The boxing shoes are meant to be tied correct so they perform as intended.

So , now as we lace up our boxing shoes, at the very top of the shoe there will more than likely be holes that were never laced through the holes when you unboxed them , no worries, just lace them through the holes like you would your normal running shoes.

Now here is the trick that can be confusing. So you say that you reached the top of your boxing shoe with the laces and there is a lot of lace still left. So what do you do? Cut them? Please don’t! lol. Wait , did they mess up and give you the wrong size lace? No to that as well. Basically the boxing shoe companies do this on purpose so you can get a better snug around your ankles. The shoes are designed to be laced like this. So what you do with the extra lace is wrap it around as many times as it takes, of course this just depends on how long the laces are. In our example here with the Lonsdales Boxing Shoes, they had to be rapped around the ankle 2 times in order for the boxing shoe lace to be short enough to tie. Now make a nice bow just like you would have done with your normal running shoes.

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Now repeat and recycle for the other foot. Now when you are taking the boxing shoes off, just undo the bow, unwrap the laces from around your ankles, and then loosen each hole up until about the middle of the shoe. They should be able to come off nice and easy from here.

Well we hope that we were able to shed some insight on this and you can watch the video below for a more in dept view of how this was all done.

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