Amber Fight Gear

Why should you trust us

Best Boxing has a team of testers who wrestles or have wrestled and just plane love the sport. One of our contributors has one NJ State Champs in 93 and another one of our contributors coaches NCAA. We also have many contributors who have boxed many rounds in the ring indoors and outdoors. We are dedicated to letting you know everything possible about the shoe. We test them ourselves, we talk to our inner circles of boxers and wrestlers and ask them what they think about a particular shoe, and we surf the internet and read thousands of reviews so you don’t have to .

How we test

What we do is a few fold. First we start with a giaganto spreadsheet and list every possible wrestling shoe know to man. Are we over kill? We think we have to be to be as precise as we can. We look at every technology about the shoe and then narrow that down to the precise thing we are looking for, be it comfort or what have you . After that we take to the streets. We have professionals who have battled in the sport and know a thing or 2. We also take to our inner circles and see what the word on the street is about a particular shoe. After that we take to major websites and gather all the reviews for that particular shoe, plug it into our database and compare it with our own findings. Then we write about our results and offer you an affiliate store that we find to have the best price for that shoe.

These shoes may be a little on the unknown side of shoes, but don’t let that stop you from trying some out.

Amber Fight Gear is a great company that has been around for a long time and they also make a lot of different products. They are know to have stuff that is very durable and that is very comfortable. These shoes are actually hard to find and usually when you do find them they are sold out or have just 1 left. There is a reason for that and if you know about these shoes then you are in the loop of how good these really are. Be ahead of the competition with these little known secret.

Amber Fight Gear TechMaxxe v1.0 Half Height Boxing Shoes

Quality Split leather with highlights of suede leather and breathable upper mesh. Extra light weight. The shoes are 6″ in Height. They are really good for training or competition.

Shoe sizes are men’s sizes, for female sizes the rule of the thumb is to get a smaller size and a half, so for a female size 7.5 you would order a Mens size 6.

These shoes are great for working out. They also have great durability and can be put through the ringer. Made really tough and can take a beaten.

Of all the people we talked to who have these shoes they truly love them. They told us that they just love how they hold up and they love the comfort of these shoes. We also found that when tested they are very light shoes. These shoes are great for workouts.

Great for training or competition

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