Over the last little while we have been testing a wide range of boxing shoes. One of the things that we focused on was performance and comfort. We all know to well that an uncomfortable boxing shoe and one that doesn’t give you the ankle support you need can make or break a match. So we put out to find the best comfortable boxing shoe and also great performance. The Otomix Boxing Shoe is an amazing shoe that holds up to any test out there. Want to talk about comfort and fit. We have found that most people we tested wearing these shoes said they fit like a sock and let your feet breath like a summers wind. Just a note, a lot of people we talked to , men, have said they went up a 1/2 size and they fit them perfect.
Why should you trust us
Best Boxing Shoes.net has a team of testers who wrestles or have wrestled and just plane love the sport. One of our contributors has one NJ State Champs in 93 and another one of our contributors coaches NCAA. We also have many contributors who have boxed many rounds in the ring indoors and outdoors. We are dedicated to letting you know everything possible about the shoe. We test them ourselves, we talk to our inner circles of boxers and wrestlers and ask them what they think about a particular shoe, and we surf the internet and read thousands of reviews so you don’t have to .

How we test
What we do is a few fold. First we start with a giaganto spreadsheet and list every possible wrestling shoe know to man. Are we over kill? We think we have to be to be as precise as we can. We look at every technology about the shoe and then narrow that down to the precise thing we are looking for, be it comfort or what have you . After that we take to the streets. We have professionals who have battled in the sport and know a thing or 2. We also take to our inner circles and see what the word on the street is about a particular shoe. After that we take to major websites and gather all the reviews for that particular shoe, plug it into our database and compare it with our own findings. Then we write about our results and offer you an affiliate store that we find to have the best price for that shoe.
Otomix Limited Edition Pro Boxer Men’s Boxing Shoes-
IF you are a boxer and like to have some fashioned Boxing Shoes and like to wear them a lot then the Otomix Pro Boxer Men’s Boxing shoes are the one for you. These Shoes bring back the old memories in the ring. With its slick design that the old Boxing shoes used to have, these shoes are advanced with the advancement of Technology. They are made of leather and are durable. With all its characteristics, These shoes come in classic colors and those are either Black or White. You will come to know about the worth of these shoes when you put them on and feel the difference, the feel, and the comfort that the other boxing shoes can not provide you. You will come to know about the look and the kind of facilities it provides you. These shoes are better than all because of the strong sole in it. If you are a boxer and like to wear that looks majestic on the outside and feels fantastic on the inside then the Otomix Limited Edition Pro Boxer Men’s Boxing Shoes are precisely meant for. You will not be disappointed.
Otomix PRO TKO Super Hi Pro Boxer Men’s-
This version of the Otomix Boxing Shoes is the new style and design of the Otomix Boxing Shoes. With its slick design and look, they can be worn with casual clothes too. You can wear them and go out with these shoes. Make yourself handsome by wearing these shoes. These shoes are meant for Boxing. You need to be wearing the best shoes that would maximize your potential and make sure that you are precise and quick with your abilities and something that can make sure to make you win, If you are looking for all of these then these are the ones for you. These Boxing Shoes are the ones that are perfectly made for you. The Ankle of the shoes provides additional protection to the joint while the soles are designed for optimal grip in the ring. The suede leather of the shoes will give you this comfort that you have been wanting to have while you are training or you are having a match. Take a step in these Boxing shoes and you will definitely feel the difference. You will look as great as you feel.
Take Boxing to another level by wearing these shoes.
Choosing the best set of boxing shoes is complicated, made more so from the truth that boxing shoes are not easy to get. Getting the boxing shoes that are perfect on your feet is thus a little challenge and one that usually takes some time. It’s not like you can readily walk into any sports shop and find boxing shoes. You usually need to search out a specialization boxing supply store or order shoes online. Time is taken by either of those.

This section will be to help on locating the top shoe, you save time. We give you the info that will help you determine what specifically to try to find and if a boxing shoe is not bad or not.

Recognize that like all shoes, there’s lots of personal taste involved. What’s great on my feet might not be perfect for yours. But this guide should help point you in the basic direction that is proper. Following this guide, we give a summary of what we consider the top five boxing shoes, according to particular classes.
Boxing Shoe Feature Alternatives:
Here’s a list of the major feature options you’ve got between boxing shoes versions. This covers most of the attribute options provided by boxing shoes. The exact mix of attributes will vary from brand to brand and shoe model to model. Some attribute are merely within the more costly shoes.
Single Depth:
For many who desire to have more control and grasp, you can find boxing shoes. How thick a sole is while boxing shoes are thinner soled than other shoe kinds, and is determined by the combatant’s taste, there is a continuum between very thin to moderate thin.

A few of the shoe brands advertise special shoe sole technology for several of the models and maintain more permanent, more inflexible, and more supporting boxing shoes — but these are advertisements and you’ll have to check this yourself.
Extra Cushioning Near Midsole:
Some boxing shoes have extra cushioning near the middle sole area. This supplies more arch support and better stability when for the bouncy footwork (bouncing during sparring, jump rope training, etc.).
Encouraging Straps:
Provide extra support in this area for additional ankle support.
Vent Mesh:
Some boxing shoes offer breathability and venting by offering mesh vents built into the shoe. It will help your feet ‘breath’, and diminishing the temperature inside the shoe (which can then reduce just how much your feet sweat during training). More ventilated shoes also mean the shoes will dry out faster, if you should be training in warmer climates something you should think about. My boxing shoes, for instance, regularly get totally drenched when training in them for a two hour session in Thailand. The venting helps them dry quicker. When you get sweaty feet, go with net vented boxing shoes.
Ultralight Shoes:
That’s, the shoes are engineered to be as weightless as possible through materials that are specialized. These shoes can also be designed to supply support and stability at the same time as being light. Ultra-light boxing shoes are often only available in the upper end of the cost spectrum and therefore are advertised in terms of being extra light. Notice that most boxing shoes are much lighter than regular shoes anyways, but ultra-light boxing shoes are made to be lighter than routine boxing shoes.
Substance Selection:
You get soft leather, sued or sometimes other cloth types or layered cloths or maybe a vented-net container. Pure leather is the most comfortable and softest feeling from the foot, but often doesn’t offer the rigidity of the engineered stuff.
Lacing Option:
Most conventional boxing shoes could have regular shoe strap. Nonetheless, some of the more modern designs may offer alternative ‘unlace the shoes or link’ alternatives with special straps or hybrid lace straps to speed up how long it takes to lace up.

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