The Best Boxing Shoes For Women

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 The Best Boxing Shoes For Women

Over the past few months we have been testing a wide range of boxing shoes. One of the things that we focused on was finding a great boxing shoe for a woman. There are some sweet men’s boxing shoes out there that do look good on a woman, but we wanted to focus more on a boxing shoe that was made for a woman in mind. So we came up with the Puma Eskiva collection. We all know to well that an uncomfortable boxing shoe can make or break a match. So we put out to find the best comfortable boxing shoe that is offered to a woman directly. That leads us to the Puma Eskiva Lo, it has always been a favorite for so many people who have wore them in matches because of the breathabiliy and how light they are. The Puma Eskiva Mid  boxing shoe is the next shoe in this Eskiva shoe line . The ankle is going to be a slight higher than the lows giving you a little more ankle support and giving you a slight different look. The Puma Eskiva Hi is one of the best selling boxing shoe on the internet and in stores and there is a good reason for this. They look really sweet and they have extraordinary comfort. They have stable foundation for your feet which creates such a nice comfort all around. Then we have the Puma Eskiva Very Hi.  A lovely looking shoe that is at the top of the height scale for this collection. Which ever way you choose to go, the lo , mid , or high, they are all a very nicely made shoe and look really sharp. Rihanna sports them, Kylie Jenner sports them , just to name a few. FYI. they are wearing the Puma Eskiva Hi.

Why should you trust us

Best Boxing has a team of testers who wrestles or have wrestled and just plane love the sport. One of our contributors has one NJ State Champs in 93 and another one of our contributors coaches NCAA. We also have many contributors who have boxed many rounds in the ring indoors and outdoors. We are dedicated to letting you know everything possible about the shoe. We test them ourselves, we talk to our inner circles of boxers and wrestlers and ask them what they think about a particular shoe, and we surf the internet and read thousands of reviews so you don’t have to .

How we test

What we do is a few fold. First we start with a giaganto spreadsheet and list every possible wrestling shoe know to man. Are we over kill? We think we have to be to be as precise as we can. We look at every technology about the shoe and then narrow that down to the precise thing we are looking for, be it comfort or what have you . After that we take to the streets. We have professionals who have battled in the sport and know a thing or 2. We also take to our inner circles and see what the word on the street is about a particular shoe. After that we take to major websites and gather all the reviews for that particular shoe, plug it into our database and compare it with our own findings. Then we write about our results and offer you an affiliate store that we find to have the best price for that shoe.

Lets first talk about the differences between the shoe heights:

You can get shoes in moderate top high top, or top that is low. Low top shoes are lighter and allow for more freedom of movement. Taller shoes give more ankle support but are more restrictive. Low top boxing shoes are frequently used interchangeably with wrestling shoes (which have more grip than boxing shoes).

There are three typical heights you find in boxing shoes:

Low Top:  Low top are about the same height as a pair of running shoe, with perhaps half an inch more height, determined by the model. These are popular for informal boxing, general boxing training or to be useful for weight lifting or general training (cross fit say, strength and conditioning). If I’m doing some general work in the boxing fitness center which includes some bag work, lifting some weights, pull ups, rope work, these shoes are excellent. For sparring, not much.

Mid Top: Middle Top boxing shoes are the most popular kind of boxing shoes for most usage, and also about two to three inches over the end of your ankle. These shoes range anywhere from $30 to $150.

High Top: High top boxing shoes (also called boxing boots) are usually 4 to 6 inches over the ankle (with regards to the brand and version of shoes/boot) and offer the MOST stability and ankle support. These are as unpopular for boxing training that is routine, but are more popular for serious sparring sessions and real boxing fights. They are typically the more costly kind of boxing shoe.

Lets Take a Look:

The Puma Eskiva are some really nice shoes for the ladies out there. No one that we have talked to who has tried these shoes on have anything bad to say about them. Let take a look at the Puma Eskiva. So to the untrained eye this shoe line is a little confusing. They come in 4 different types. The low, the mid, the high. and the very hi. So we have the Puma Eskiva Low, the Puma Eskiva Mid, Puma Eskiva Hi, and yes, the Puma Eskiva Very High. Let’s take a look at what these 4 shoes have to offer.

Puma Eskiva Low:

Best Leather Boxing Shoes For Women

This old-school silhouette inspired by the PUMA Gong – a boxing shoe that originally released in the 70’s – goes modern in luxe leather with elasticized lacing for a comfortable, sock-like fit.

These shoes have a round toe, a nice functional inside zip and also an  elasticized lace up

You may also appreciate the Suede formstrip detail and the perforated leather panel.

Somthing that we did like that may be an overlook is that they are Available in full and half sizes, not all shoes have this these days.

A little about the material, the Pumas have a Leather and suede upper, leather lining and a rubber sole which is good for grip.

Puma Eskiva Mid:

Best Classic Looking Boxing Shoes For Women

A fearless update of the PUMA Gong – a classic boxing design from the 60s – the Eskiva fuses true sport heritage and high fashion with a contemporary, low-profile. Crafted with a sleek mid-cut in soft leather, it’s boldness born in the boxing ring.

Lets start by looking at the uppers, the Puma Eskiva Mid has a leather upper which will last longer and will stretch to give you that really nice fit. They are mid height , little higher than the lows. They are easy to put on thanks to the slip-in construction with elastic strap closure and zipper at medial side. They also come with a heel pull tab for easy on and off flexibility. The out-sole is made from rubber that comes from tooling that mimics a boxer’s hand wrap, pretty cool. They have the PUMA Formstrip at both sides and the PUMA Archive Logo at tongue.

Keep in mind these boxing shoes do run a tad on the smaller end of sizes and also a little on the narrow end of the spectrum , not to much though to make a real difference. We also found that most people found them to be quite comfortable. Overall, these are very nice boxing shoes and we think you will love them. So think about going at least a half size up from your running shoe or even a whole size up if you have more wider feet.

Puma Eskiva Hi: 

Best Cushioned Boxing Shoes For Women

Knock ’em out with the fearless Eskiva High Metallic from Puma®. Lets take a look at the uppers. Like it’s predecessor’s, these legendary shoes are made with premium leather uppers. Something we loved about this shoe was the 10 eyelet lace-up closure for total adjustability. Don’t worry about having a hard time putting these shoes on, no worry, they have a heel tab for pull-on assist. Thinking about the comfort, so were we. The Eskiva Hi’s have plush leather lining and cushioned footbed. We looked at the weight and all thought that they were very light and we were impressed with the  flexible rubber outsole. We found that women said that they remind them of the old school boxer sneakers and love the way they look with a feminine outfit.

Puma Eskiva Very Hi:

Best Winter Boxing Shoes For Women

A fearless update of the PUMA Gong – a classic boxing design from the 60s – the Eskiva fuses true sport heritage and high fashion with a contemporary, low-profile look. Crafted in soft leather, it’s boldness born in the boxing ring. This season, we’re upping the ante with a super-high silhouette for the winter months.

Lets start off looking at the fit. People on the streets told us that the fit was true to the size of the shoe, the width again was true to it’s claim, and the comfort was better than average.

Let’s look at the features of this awesome looking wicked shoe. The uppers are made from leather. Again, this will give you extra longetativy and also will allow stretching so you can get that nice feeling fit.

Do you like height? Well your in luck! These Eskiva’s are at the top of their height scale. They have extra hi-height. We also loved the lace closure for a snug fit.

Like the other Eskiva’s , these shoes come with the rubber outsole with tooling that mimics a boxer’s hand wrap. They have the PUMA Formstrip at both sides and the PUMA Archive Logo at tongue.

Not just are these shoes comfortable, they are damn sexy as well and great for the fall weather coming up!

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