What are the best shoes for boxing?

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Are boxing shoes really the best shoes for boxing?

This is a question we hear all the time. What are the best shoes for boxing, is it really boxing shoes? Well the answer is yes and no, depending on who you ask. WOW, so that’s a confusing answer ! Boxing is a very broad word. Boxing consists of the many facets of training and then the fight itself. They say art is in the eye of the beholder, and so goes it with shoes as well. Lets take a look into the different reasons for peoples decision making on what really is the best shoes for boxing and let you decide what person are you .

The Boxing Shoe Person:

Lets take a little deeper look into this person psyche. So, there are those people who say why on earth would I not want to wear a pair of boxing shoes when I am boxing, I mean, I am boxing for heavens sake. These are the people who feel that if they are going to go into the ring wearing there best boxing shoes, then why would they not train wearing there best boxing shoes as well, and while there at it, they do everything in there best boxing shoes. Skipping rope, sparring, you name it. In other words, they feel that you should train in your boxing shoes and fight in them as well and everything else not mentioned. They feel that the support boxing shoes give for your legs and your ankles is one of the main reasons why they choose a boxing boot. Also these people feel that there is a reason boxing has it’s own class of shoes and it’s because the engineers who design boxing shoes have boxers and only boxers in mind. So therefore they would answer this question by saying that boxing shoes are the best shoes for boxing. You can check out some really nice Reebok Boxing Shoes HERE. For the Ladies, check these Puma Eskiva’s out HERE.   At the time of this review they are free shipping. Do you feel this way as well?

The Wrestling Shoe Person:

Then you have the person out there who thinks, you know what, I actually like wearing some good wrestling shoes. These are the folk who think that pro boxing shoes are not really good for the feet and legs especially if you’re skipping rope. There thought behind this is that there’s not enough cushion in them. This being said, the wresting shoe person will sway away even from the best boxing shoes when it comes to sparring. These people feel that wrestling shoes are much lighter than regular shoes and quicker and the cushion in wrestling shoes absorb a lot of the dancing around in the ring. You can check out some really popular Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe Here. At the time of this review they are free shipping. Are you more like this person?

The What Ever Is Comfortable Person: 

Then we come to this person. This is the person that feels comfort more than anything at all is the most important part in picking the best shoes for boxing. This person will spar with them, fight in the ring with them, skip rope with them, you name it. It can actually be some good boxing shoes like the ringstar shoes or it can be some good wrestling shoes or even some good cross trainers or even lifting shoes (At the time of this review they are free shipping. Were all about Free here!)

So this person isn’t about what the status quo, this person is about how they feel. How do my ankles feel when i skip the rope, how do my knees feel when I am sparring, how do my legs feel when I am running around the ring chasing that bozo. Can this person be you ?

In conclusion, you can see that what the best shoes for boxing can really depend on your own preferences. There are the people who swear by some good boxing shoes and then there are the people who don’t. You may be asking , well how do I know what I should get? Here is our take on this. The majority of people we talk to and also the many reviews we read and forums we visit asking people these exact questions, the majority said they like a good pair of boxing shoes when they are actually boxing in the ring. Then these people tell us that when it comes to sparring, they would opp in for some good wrestling shoes. When it comes to skipping rope, hitting the bag, doing laps, they prefer really what just makes them comfortable.

It really is up to you though. I myself have 3 shoes. Like most people, I go with some really comfortable adidas Men’s Leistung.16 II Cross-Trainer Shoes when I am at the gym working out on the rope, bag, and when I take some laps outside. When I spar, I really feel comfortable wearing some Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoes. Then when I am in the ring itself, I slip on my Nike Men’s KO Mid Boxing Shoes. I got mine here.

So to sum up, all we can really say is that if you tried on all 3 type of shoes and you know how they all feel, then go what makes you feel most comfortable in your mind. Don’t worry if a shoe says it’s a boxing shoe, but you prefer a wrestling shoe. Again, it’s your preference. Then again if you have not tried all these 3 types of shoes, then we recommend trying what we do with the different shoes for each task. If that’s to pricey, then just go with some good cross trainers in your closet for training and invest in a good pair of boxing shoes for the fight itself.

Take care, and good luck in the ring and training!

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