Best Boxing and Wrestling Shoes For Flat Feet

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Best Boxing And Wrestling Shoes For Flat Feet

We are going to take a look at what the best boxing and wrestling shoes are for flat feet for 2018. Not every foot is the same and people with flat feet just can’t seem to find the right shoe. So let us dive into this now.

First and foremost you want a boxing or wrestling shoe that is springy and supportive. Lack of support will cause lower back pain and also bad joints.

You want to first figure out what arch your foot is. This will help determine how flat your foot really is. Below is a video that can help you figure this out using the water test.

What defines a flat foot? It is the arch type that you have. If you have an arch that is Low Arch then you have Flat Feet. Did you know that about 21% of people have flat feet, so don’t feel like your alone on this!

Great news, there are some things you can do to solve this. A good pair of orthotics and or a great pair of the proper shoes can solve this issue.

Lets take a look at the the best wrestling and boxing shoes for flat feet.

Best Ergonomic Insole for Best Boxing Shoes For Flat Feet


  • Thin, flexible and durable outsole with a lot of grip.
  • Ergonomic insole with superior cushion and arch support.
  • High top profile giving a great support.

These are our top pick for flat feet. As we mentioned, one of the most important thing for flat feet is the arch support. These boxing shoes have the best arch support we found out there today. You will notice right off the bat how these will make your feet feel. The thin outsole is another thing that is going to make your flat feet feel good again!

Best Ankle Support for the Best Boxing Shoes For Flat Feet

2. Otomix Boxing Shoes

These Otomix boxing shoes come in at a very close 2nd. Again, this brand shoe consentrates on the arch support as well as the ankle support. Very good brand for flat feet. Any boxing shoe from Otomix is going to be good for flat feet. So pick the one you like!

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Otomix brand.

Extra Cushioning Near Midsole:

These boxing shoes have extra cushioning near the middle sole area. This supplies more arch support and better stability when for the bouncy footwork (bouncing during sparring, jump rope training, etc.). As well as very good for flat feet.

Encouraging Straps:

Provide extra support in this area for additional ankle support.

Best Comfort For The Best Boxing Shoes For Flat Feet

3. Reebok Boxing Boot

Get a great comfort that you never had before with the Reebok Boxing Boot. It provides you the comfort that other Boxing Boots don’t provide. For the person with a flat arch, these are definally a great boxing shoe because of all the arch support these boxing boots offer.

It has a synthetic nubuck upper for comfort. For the underfoot cushion, there is EVA midsole and has a Mid-cut design for ankle stability

Tremendous amount of Ankle support. After you lace them tight, you can add more stability with the ankle strap which makes the boots give you the comfort, the mobility, the speed.

Give these a try if you have a flat foot indeed.

Lets take a look at the best wrestling shoes for flat feet.

With everything said about boxing shoes and how good arch support is what you need to look for for flat feet , the same rule applies with wrestling shoes. Let’s dive right into the best 3 wrestling shoes for flat feet.

Best Ankle Support For Wrestling Shoes For Flat Feet

1. Adidas Men’s Pretereo

These shoes are great for ankle support and comfort. They are also very good for people with wide feet ( flat feet as well) according to our reviews.

Reinforced ankle zone + supportive heel structure ensures added protection and support.

Give these a try if you have flat feet you should be impressed with the feel.

Best Arch Support For Wrestling Shoes For Flat Feet


These are Nikes most wide shoe they make today. They had a person with a flat foot in mind when they designed these wrestling shoes.

The arch support is bar none. They really took into consideration people with a flatter arch and hense why these made it to number 2 on our top 3 wrestling shoes for flat feet.

Best Sock Like Fit For Wrestling Shoes For Flat Feet

3. ASICS Men’s Dan Gable EVO

These dan gable wrestling shoes are pretty much ties with our 2nd choice above. These dan gable wrestling shoes are great for people with flat feet because they have MONO-SOCK Fit System: An elastic internal sleeve which replaces a traditional tongue providing a “sock-like” fit and also great arch support.

The newly redesigned model features exceptional fit and you sure will be able to tell. There is no wonder these dan gable wrestling shoes are always sold out.

Tell us what you think, do you know of any other boxing or wrestling shoes that you tried that are good for flat feet. Take care!

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