Over the past few months we have been testing a wide range of wrestling shoes. One of the things that we focused on was comfort. We all know to well that an uncomfortable wrestling shoe can make or break a match. So we put out to find the best comfortable wrestling shoe. The Asics JB Elite 3 has always been a favorite for so many people who have wore them in matches because of the breathabiliy. The Asic aggressor 3 is a lightweight wrestling shoe and has near perfect comfort The Duosole® outsole has a molded tooth pattern and makes comfort a #1 priority. The Asic Matflex 5 is one of the best selling wrestling shoe for so many years and there is a reason for this. They are also near perfect when it comes to comfort.They have stable foundation for your feet which creates such a nice comfort all around.
Why should you trust us
Best Boxing has a team of testers who wrestles or have wrestled and just plane love the sport. One of our contributors has one NJ State Champs in 93 and another one of our contributors coaches NCAA. We also have many contributors who have boxed many rounds in the ring indoors and outdoors. We are dedicated to letting you know everything possible about the shoe. We test them ourselves, we talk to our inner circles of boxers and wrestlers and ask them what they think about a particular shoe, and we surf the internet and read thousands of reviews so you don’t have to .
How we test
What we do is a few fold. First we start with a giaganto spreadsheet and list every possible wrestling shoe know to man. Are we over kill? We think we have to be to be as precise as we can. We look at every technology about the shoe and then narrow that down to the precise thing we are looking for, be it comfort or what have you . After that we take to the streets. We have professionals who have battled in the sport and know a thing or 2. We also take to our inner circles and see what the word on the street is about a particular shoe. After that we take to major websites and gather all the reviews for that particular shoe, plug it into our database and compare it with our own findings. Then we write about our results and offer you an affiliate store that we find to have the best price for that shoe.
Our Pick for overall comfort: Asics JB Elite 3

The JB Elite III is made with split sole design and they provide excellent comfort and breathability.

We also noticed that the JB Elite III uses seamless materials that reduce the potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.

Something we are finding with most of the new wrestling shoes is that they come with a pocket enabling the laces to be tucked in and unexposed.This is great and stops those pauses on the mat to tie your shoe over and over again and increases the overall comfort because you don’t have to have that annoying shoe lace tucked in your shoe.

So many people love the comfort of this shoe we had to put it in our top 3 wrestling shoes for comfort.

Our #2 Pick for overall comfort:
Next we are going to look at the Asic aggressor 3.

This shoe features a suede upper construction to resist wear and tear and last longer and also provides lasting comfort for the full wrestling season. Another great thing we just love is the A pocket enabling the laces to be tucked in and unexposed and once again adding to the comfort of not having that annoying shoe lace tucked in your shoe. The only thing we found was an issue was that they don’t come in a wide and for someone who needs a wide shoe that might be uncomfortable. But wait! We actually fixed that issue with a shoe widener you can get at any shoe store or just throw a few wrapped up balls of socks in there for a few nights. Problem with the wide option solved for free. You will be very happy though once you realize how comfortable they really are.


Our #3 Pick for overall comfort:
Next we are going to look at the Asic Matflex 5

The ever popular Matflex series brings us to the Matflex 5. These shoes bring you comfort and support. While enhanced breathability is provided where you need it most to ensure comfort through the entire match, the matflex 5 is one of the most comfortable wrestling shoe you can get, that is if you can get it. They usually are sold out. They come in at a nice weight of 8.3 oz making these shoes comfortable because they are lightweight and won’t slow you down when your going in for the shoot. These shoes as with most new asics come with a pocket enabling the laces to be tucked in and unexposed and once again keeping that uncomfortable shoe lace from being tucked in your shoe.

The competition:
The adizero varner– these shoes are very comfortable, so comfortable that some people say its like wearing a sock. They are extremely lightweight making them very comfortable when doing your moves on the mat. Don’t worry about breaking them in, right out of the box they are raring to go, making that uncomfortable feel of many practices not having the shoe feel good on your feet, not these no way no how!

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